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These are photos of some of the costumes I've designed from various shows.

I loved 'World of Mirth' because I got to do effects on the clothes. Fading and wearing and dirt and stains and just basically trying to make sure they didn't look new or too clean, without actually throwing them into a mud puddle.

I liked 'Pillowman' too for the same reasons. I don't have pictures here right now, but part of the show was filmed and then projected onto the back wall of the stage. One section of the filmed scenes had stained and worn clothes so that was fun and allowed me to be creative. I also did make-up effects for this show and rigged an execution hood to drip blood all over Katurian.

'The Shape of Things' was a challenge since every character had to have a different costume for every scene, but it was an incredible learning experience too as the character of Adam evolved throughout the show. I have to give a big gigantic shout-out of love to the cast for being such great sports as the temperatures were high during the run, we had no real air conditioning and I had them in jackets, sweaters and long sleeves.

'Diva' was the first show I costumed since highschool. I co-designed with a talented cast-mate from 'Harold and Maude'.

Glengarry Glen Ross - July 2009




World Of Mirth - October 2008





The Shape Of Things - July 2008





Pillowman - October 2007




Diva - May 2005