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New ! Otalia page. 

Deshnoke the Theatre Rat:  - Don't dis the rat now. ;)

Venice - A new webseries with Crystal Chappell coming soon. I can't wait!

BC/EFA - Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS

Roxanna Russell - An author whose book "The Letter" is finely crafted.

Magic Eye - Those 'hidden' 3D images   LOVE them!!!!!

Still working on things. Here's the link to the old page.


About "Spike" ...   Spike is kind of like my tag or logo or mascot if you will. He's not a leftover from a Buffy obsession, although I did enjoy both the BTVS movie and series. This Spike is left over from highschool. The Spanish II class was drawing on the board one day just playing around, and I drew Spike then one of the guys looked over and took it the wrong way. It made enough of an impression that I decided to keep him and use him for my tag. So no film maker or television character obsession, just leftover highschool fun. (before you ask, I graduated highschool before BtVS the series ever aired, and Spike wasn't in the movie.)