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Christi Newbury

Height: 54                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Printable version                

Hair: Dark Blonde

Eyes: Blue



The Last Days of Judas Iscariot                                                    Glenna/Uncle Pino                                                   Dir:     Rosemary Orwig Rodgers

The Women                                                                                Nancy                                                                     Dir:     R. Lance Garrett

Boy Gets Girl                                                                             Harriet                                                                     Dir:     Doobie Potter

An American Daughter                                                                Jimmy                                                                     Dir:     Rhonda Clark

Harold and Maude                                                                      Nancy Mersch                                                          Dir:     Rhonda Clark

Winter Chicken                                                                          Elizabeth Bander                                                      Dir:     Donna Lusk



Stacked Dead Actors                                                                 Lucy                                                                     Dir:     R. Lance Garrett

Unpassable House                                                                     Extra                                                                    Dir:     Peter Zhmutski

The Willing Suspension of Disbelief                                             Extra                                                                     Dir:     Brandon Maxwell

Dare                                                                                         Extra                                                                     Dir:     Peter Zhmutski

The Secret Life Of Shiloh                                                            Assistant                                                               Dir:     Will Scovill

The Last Beer                                                                           Extra                                                                      Dir:     Dustin Haynes

The Secret                                                                                Extra                                                                      Dir:     Charles Maupin



Extra: United Way (local)

Extra: Joe Cooper Ford



Acting:     University of Central Oklahoma

Dance:    Centenary College: Tap and Jazz

Voice:     Oklahoma Music Academy



Painting; Sewing; Carpentry; Logic Puzzles; Photography; Crafts; Dance; Yoga; Singing; Swimming; Im ambidextrous; Cartwheels; roller skating, roller blading and ice skating; Stage Combat; Theater and Film crews: (Costumes, Props, Sound, Lights, Set, Hair and Makeup, Production Assistant, Grip);